Monday, January 9, 2012

So much to learn!

Yoga has opened a whole new world for me, and there is so much to learn and explore. From the physical practice to taking it into my life on a daily basis, it's a constant practice. Today I went to Rasa Yoga in Novi for a class. Not because I'm not happy with my studio - I love Divine and all the teachers - but because I wanted to learn about other styles of yoga. Plus I had a Groupon to use! Rasa is an Anusara studio, which I found to be more spiritually influenced and focused on alignment than Baptiste yoga. My teacher was Marianne, a very friendly and knowledgeable older woman who clearly speaks from her heart. Class was just two of us, so she gave a lot of instruction for me about Anusara's themes and talked a lot about anatomy and alignment. She did hands on adjusting and had each of us watch one another do trikonasana (triangle) and see how she adjusted us to open our shoulder and heart, more of a lifting up and back like in a back bend, rather than just opening back by reaching your arm back and having your upper body follow. I already love this pose, but today it was truly awesome! felt amazing! I learned a lot about putting my thigh bones back into my hips and how it gave me more room in bending forward, more stability in poses. So much to think about. A friend told me Anusara would be a nice complement to Baptiste, that I could take what I learn and apply it to my practice and she was, of course, absolutely right. I have a couple more weeks left on my Groupon so hope to get in there a few more times.

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