Sunday, April 24, 2011

LM Lunch Friends

For several years as long as the weather was decent and she was in town, Lee would visit us at the LM Warehouse every Friday around lunchtime. She'd shop, pick up orders, chat and sometimes join us for lunch. We all became good friends and looked forward to her visits. Two of her grandkids are the same ages as Brandon and Avery - and in fact are named Landon and Avery! My Mom and Lee always loved to share stories of what they were up to. Over the past year and a half we've gotten together for lunch a few times, but not nearly often enough! We got together at Antonio's last Tuesday for a goodbye lunch. Lee's sister in law who we'd met over the years was visiting and also joined us (she took the photo so she's not in it). Miranda also came! Unfortunately Vern had to work that day and couldn't come with us. I promised Lee we'd make plans for lunch again after I get back from Florida helping my parents get settled.

Miranda, Margie, Lee, Jackie, Barbara

Lunch with Old Friends

I think it was about 2nd grade when I met Maha at ballet class. Meanwhile in the waiting area my Mom was meeting one of her dearest friends, Salma. They have shared so much of their lives over the years, through all the ups and downs life brings you. A few weeks ago we all went out to lunch at Sweet Lorraine's - My mom, my aunt, Salma, Maha, Maha's two beautiful daughters, Serene and Summer, and me. It was a lovely lunch and so nice to reminisce, but so bittersweet too. My favorite story told was of my Mom and Salma waiting in Salma's car at Catholic Central HS for my brother and Maher (Salma's son) to get out of school, being approached by some strange guy asking for $ for gas cause their car broke down, and while Salma tells him she has no cash, my Mom whips out her bank envelope and gives the guy $20! Many laughs were shared over lunch.

My Mom and Salma
Maha and Me

Going Away Party

My parents and my aunt are moving to Florida. Almost can't believe it's actually happening! My brother and I have been trying to convince them how great it would be to be able to see Brandon and Avery all the time, and with Thad and I leaving Michigan later this year, it just makes sense. Thad and I decided to host a going away party for them and invited friends and family. We had an unbelievably beautiful sunny and warm day for it - two weeks ago on Sunday, April 10th. I was so busy that I didn't get to take photos, but my Dad did take some. I only had a couple on my camera, plus a few shots of a couple cakes I made. About 45 people were able to make it. I know my parents and my aunt were sad to say goodbye to them, but it was such a nice party, there was no time for tears! Hopefully many of their friends and family will be able to visit them in Florida too!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nothing says Springtime like baby animals!

I saw on Facebook yesterday that the Farm Center at Kensington Metro Park was busy busy with new baby animals being born, so today Thad and I enjoyed the tiny bit of sunshine and went to the farm to meet the new lambs, chickens, piggies and goats. They were just too cute!! I love fun Saturday outings with my husband and am so looking forward to warmer weather.

These adorable little lambs were born just 3 days ago!

Proud mama, Molly


Baby Goat