Friday, January 6, 2012

Detox Day 4

Today is Day 4 of doing the Whole Living Magazine 2012 detox. So far the recipes have been great! All except for a couple green smoothies that were very heavy on the green, a kale salad today that just did not hold us from lunch til dinner - even with a delicious stuffed pistachio dates snack in the afternoon, both our tummies were rumbling by the time I got home at 6:30 tonight, so emergency clementines were in order if I were to make it through cooking dinner! Currently making beet soup that will be tomorrow's dinner, but not sure how we'll get by on the 1 serving=1cup portion (and nothing else). On the plus side, I feel great and have a good amount of energy, and just feel lighter. Which tells me that we definitely have been eating too large of portions for awhile now. Hopefully this will be the jumpstart I needed to get those last pounds off! Thad has also stuck to it (which makes me very happy!) and even suggested continuing it more longterm.

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