Monday, May 27, 2013

New Life

Today I had the honor of meeting Sloane, Jobi and Phillip's beautiful new baby girl, just minutes after her birth. How amazing it is, really, to be present during their discovery of one another. I've never held a baby so new before in my life (and quite possibly may never again in the future), it was pretty incredible to be a part of their special day.

Jobi, Sloane and me
The entire experience over the past months of seeing my friend find out she was pregnant, through the decisions she's made and seeing her body change as this little miracle grew and now through her birth has been memorable for me. It has made me reflect tonight that maybe it was meant to be for me to have such a place in their lives right now. I've been able to give her support and hold space for calm and balance for her during a period of great change and uncertainty, and for me I think this time has given me something I will never experience for myself and maybe needed to entirely come to terms with more than I realized I still did. And for that gift alone, I will be forever grateful.

Jobi, Savannah, Sloane, and Phillip

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Beginnings

I guess our lives are truly always filled with new beginnings. Each day is a new one with new experiences. Some are more memorable and perhaps monumental than others.

Tonight is our last night sleeping in our house. Over eight years ago we moved in, riding high on a successful business, full of hope and possibility of what life might bring us. We carefully picked out everything in this house, choosing what we thought would be our dream home we'd live many years in - brick we loved, custom layout adjustments, high-end appliances and granite, beautiful hardwoods, every detail was considered. Then we finished the basement with all kinds of great plans for the future in mind - yet no time to make them happen.We filled our home with family and friends and made great new ones in our neighbors. Holidays, birthdays, several NYE parties, LM Design Team retreats, a retirement party, a going away party, and even a wedding reception all took place here. This is the last home among my family that my Nana had spent time in - we've all moved on now, 7 years later. It's also been host to a lot of stressful times - a lot of work and not enough time to enjoy what we had created. And sadness as well. It's now been 3 years ago this month that we decided that we needed a change - that we would not continue living our lives unhappily (or unhealthily), and that our priorities in life had changed. With the advice of our lawyers and some soul searching, we decided to give up our house and truly start fresh. The weight slowly lifted off our shoulders (and off our bodies!) as the year went on and we knew we'd made the right decision for our future. Living more simply in order to enjoy living.

It took much longer than we'd ever imagined to get to this night - but the timing has been perfect. We are ready now. Even a year ago we weren't really. Now we are ready, and actually anxious, to close the door on this chapter of our lives. I won't lie to you and tell you that there aren't tears in my eyes as I look around me - but it's not the house really (well it might be my gas stove or my big bathtub;)) - it's the memories here that leave me a little sad tonight, even knowing they go with us. On other days I might remind you that all we truly have is the present - but today has been a day of reflection into the past, something both Thad and I needed. Tomorrow is another new beginning!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Teaching and Landmark Days!

I knew I had to blog today and mark this day! Today I taught a portion of the Teen Yoga class at Divine Yoga for the first time! Jenn and I are co-teaching the series - last week I did assisting and massage. Tonight I started off class, introduced the theme, got through Integration, then Sun As and Bs before handing off to Jenn. I feel pretty amazing! This was a less intimidating way to start teaching - and I felt so supported and prepared well. The theme we decided on for this class was judgment. I started them on their backs and did some breathing with them. I started talking about judgment and when we have been judged by others and how it feels. Then I related that to self-judgment and how that shows up - being nervous, anxious, hesitant to do things. I talked about the space on their yoga mat being their home. Then I gave them a visualization technique of putting the thoughts that come up into a bubble and picture it floating away. Then we got started! I had a lot of fun, was only a tiny bit nervous and I think it flowed well. :)

Yesterday I also applied for Baptiste Level 1 Training in Sedona in June! Yep, up to BIG things! :)

I looked back out of curiosity on my blog.

Almost 1 year ago I broke my finger falling out of headstand in the middle of the room at yoga. I was reading 40 Days to a Personal Revolution for the first time, working on headstand and anticipating going to Foundations in Action in Toronto in February. I didn't know quite yet that I'd be applying for and accepting a full time job the next month either.

Exactly 2 years ago today I blogged about it being my first day employed by someone else after having owned my business for over 7 years. I had taken a part time job and  was just at the point of being ready to look forward in my life.

3 years ago I was barely beginning my weight loss journey, over 130lbs heavier than I am today, suddenly at a loss for direction and purpose in life.

What amazing perspective this gives you. Who knows what the year will bring? I'm excited to find out!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - Bring it On!

2012 was an incredible year that brought so many great things to my life that I had not imagined. New job, new friends and new experiences. I began my program at Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach, started yoga teacher training, co-organizing a large Yoga Aid fundraising event with Thad, began leading Nourish, a program focused on nutrition at the yoga studio and have found new perspectives on life.

I reflected today on my goals from the past two years. Interestingly, they all start with wanting to lose about 20-30lbs. Is it surprising that that is a goal yet again? I am very determined to get to my goal weight this year!

Other goals:
1. Continue to simplify our lives. We'll be moving into a condo/apartment in the next few months and I actually look forward to having less space to fill and keeping what is important in our lives. Experiences are more important to us than things and I look forward to supporting that with minimalizing our daily life as well.

2. Complete yoga teacher training, go to Baptiste Level 1 and begin teaching! :)

3. Partner with a friend and establish a health coaching practice to bring my passion for health, nutrition and bea part of transformation to others.

4. Be thoughtful about my personal goals and what in my life supports them and what I need to let go.

5. Enjoy life in the moment, spend time with family and friends.

6. Establish a regular meditation practice (even if it's a few minutes once a week), incorporate cardio weekly in my workout routine, and work toward some yoga specific goals - headstand in the middle of the room, kicking up to handstand, holding crow and working on improving my chatarunga.

7. Commit to meal planning and cooking even when I'm busy.

8. Get out on my bike more this year and try out the mountain bike trails with a friend.

9. Incorporate running more frequently! Not sure of specific goals.