Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Time Gardening

For years I’ve wanted to have a vegetable garden, but lack of time for many years when I ran our business prevented it. And last year, when I finally had time, the big dilemma was not having the extra money to build planter boxes. Well this year I stumbled upon a win-win situation with my next door neighbor! She has 6 planting boxes with built in watering systems, but with juggling a new job and family life, not enough time to plant and maintain them all. She offered me to use a couple of them, and I couldn’t turn that down! I told her I’d weed all of them this week so we could both get things planted this weekend. Yesterday I spent 4 hours weeding 2 beds, today I spent several more doing 2 more. Thad got some bags of new soil to add to my 2 beds and I prepped them as well today.
Yesterday I went to the South Lyon farmer’s market and was delighted that my favorite vendor who sells beautiful heirloom tomatoes and veggies (and practices organic farming) was there selling plants! I bought 3 varieties of heirloom tomatoes (yellow, purple and red), a jalapeno plant, purple bell pepper, mini sweet red pepper, eggplant and cucumber. I got those planted today and now still have most of a bed to fill! I am beyond excited!
I am also doing herbs in containers – we started some from seed, but I also bought a couple well established plants yesterday too to make sure we have an herb crop!
Wish me luck!
eggplant purpletomato
redtomato purplebell


  1. Hope everything blooms and grows! Home grown veggies are so yummy!

  2. How awesome that your neighbor made the offer. I remember us talking about a vegetable garden. Hope you have much success with it!