Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Heaven!

Sunday I got to spend a wonderful day with Thad. Lately I’ve been working more or he’s had work to do, or somehow just other plans that waste away the day minus quality together time. Not this Sunday! After yoga in the morning I packed us a picnic lunch and we took Izzie to Kensington – walked a bit, ate lunch, laid on a blanket (sounding great so far right?) . . . and then Thad’s allergies got the best of him with all the trees at the park and so had to leave after less than an hour. On our way home we talked about what else we could do today and I suggested strawberry picking. I haven’t gone strawberry picking since I was a kid and have been wanting to. We just went to a farm a few miles away, spent an hour or so picking strawberries and came home with 8 quarts ready to be cleaned and transformed.


I used half of them to make strawberry jam! (btw - I use Pomona pectin because it’s all natural and uses much less sugar.) I forgot how much work it can be to all the cleaning, hulling, mashing, cooking and then processing the jars. The result was of course a delicious fresh jam.

strawberries2 strawberries3

But I still had half of my strawberries left. I’ve added them to salads and tonight made a yummy ‘breakfast for dinner’ whole wheat pancake strawberry stack (recipe from Oh She Glows) with a bunch of them. Barely looks like I made a dent! I still think another small batch of jam is in my future tomorrow!

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