Saturday, January 22, 2011

When Your Workout Throws You a Curve Ball . . .

you might just need to play a different game!

I know, cheesy metaphor :)

Almost two weeks ago I pulled my calf muscle badly in Jazzercise class. I felt and heard a pop, then pain, but managed to finish out class anyway. Probably shouldn't have, but I don't think I realized how badly I must have pulled it.

I spent the next several days limping around, taking some ibuprofen and trying to stay off my feet. So much for my commitment of getting a daily workout in after too many days without over the holidays! I had a lot of anxiety about not working out. Between Thanksgiving and New Years I didn't get in as many workouts as I wanted, ate too many cookies and foods at family gatherings, but thankfully ended up my weight the same over those 6 weeks. The first week of January was great - I got in Jazzercise every day and Yoga one day, got back into my planning, cooking and eating healthy and felt great - and dropped several pounds that week (which is always a great motivator that you're doing the right thing!). Now this happened, threatening to derail me!

This past week I just had to get some sort of workout in, but have been so hesitant to go back to Jazzercise before my calf might be completely healed. So, I turned to Yoga. I'd been going about once a week and wanted to go more often, so here was my chance to jumpstart that goal. I am so so glad I did!! I went to 4 classes this week - all Power Yoga or Power Yoga 101 - and I feel great. It was good stretching and strength building. I also really enjoyed being able to share the experience with Thad - we went to 3 of those classes together and even got to do some partner yoga poses in one class. I have a long way to go in my yoga practice, but I feel more confident in each class with what I can do - and know that part of what challenges me is pushing myself to see it mentally as a fluid ongoing process and practice and not something I need to accomplish. With Jazzercise I see improvement and accomplishment in getting all the right moves, in doing all songs at high impact, in upping my weights - but that's not a mentality that I can apply to Yoga. It's just different.

Anyway, Monday I'm going to go back to Jazzercise (and take care to be aware of my calf muscles). I hear songs on the radio that are a Jazzercise routine and I miss it. I don't think I could ever give that up. I'm also going to go to yoga more this week too, I may just become a regular there now as well :)

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  1. oh no! I'm glad to hear that pop wasn't anything more serious. Last time I heard a pop I ended up with knee surgery... my one year anniversary is coming up, jan 30 :) I can't even think about it.... trauma!!!!!