Sunday, January 9, 2011

Operation Beautiful

I ran across this blog today when I realized it was written by the same author of another blog I read, The Healthy Tipping Point. I LOVE this idea!! For those who love paying it forward and random acts of kindness, this is for you! It's amazing what a compliment or positive thought can do for someone, isn't it? . . . in comes "Operation Beautiful".

Now let me tell you what it is . . .
  1. Grab a pad of post it notes
  2. Write some positive affirmations or great thoughts to encourage with other women
  3. Put the pad into your purse
  4. Next time you're in a public ladies' room, leave one of the notes on the mirror
  5. (optional, write at the bottom of the note)
Check out their website for photos from women who have found or left notes (and the notes!)!

I'm going to write some up this week :)