Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fitness Check In

This week has really felt great. Getting back into my fitness routine and cooking as well just feels, well, right! I went to a Jazzercise Circuit class on Monday, regular Jazzercise on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then took a Yoga Basics class at Divine Yoga Friday morning and rounded out the week with a regular Jazzercise class this morning. Do I sound insane that I felt like I was 'cheating' by not going to Jazzercise yesterday and doing yoga instead? crazy, I know.

I actually really loved the yoga class Friday. There were only two of us and we talked first about where we're 'at' and looking for from the class. The other woman runs and does a video the rest of the week, so we're kinda on the same page of wanting some stretching and flexibility poses. It made for a great class! I also had an instructor I'd never had before, Denise, and I think it's fun to experience different teaching styles. The one thing I find so challenging about yoga is that I always used to think I was so flexible, but I get into a yoga class and find that I have a long way to go. I think if I started going more often it would really make a difference. My biggest issues seem to be having too tight hamstrings, not being able to open my hips up enough (i.e. it's challenging for me to do a double pigeon pose, my knee won't lay flat/hip wont open enough), and upper body strength to go into low plank from high plank well (and a multitude of inversion type poses that require more upper body strength). I'm sure if I went more often and as I continue to lose weight (and then have less weight to support), all of those things will become easier.

Today's Jazzercise class was also a great one. I haven't had Kim in awhile and her class is always fun - somehow it always ends up kicking my butt when I least expect it. Several 'heavy' songs in a row will do that! It was also interesting that today was 'movement screening' for people interested in becoming instructors. There were 3 women that came for it and part of the screening was them doing the cardio portion of the class with us. None of them were actually from our center. I can imagine the nerves they must have had. Kim tried to convince me before class to do the movement screening but I just don't feel I'm ready for that yet. At least now I know what it involves a bit more and after having seen them participate - and not always be on beat or doing the moves correctly - made me realize that it is something I definitely could do at some point down the road. I just feel like, at least for me and the standards I expect for myself, I need to lose some more weight and be in better shape before I could be an example for a class of others.

Tomorrow my goal is to make it to a body sculpting class!

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