Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's off to work I go . . .

. . . well at least part time for awhile!

Today was my first day as an employee in over 8 years. I found a somewhat perfect part time job working as a greeter at a Toll Brothers community model home. It's Thursdays and Fridays 11am-6pm plus possibly filling in on other days as well. It is temporary while her regular greeter is in Florida, through mid-March, but I may be able to stay on as a 'floater greeter' and work at multiple communities if I'm interested at that point and they want me. It pays well for part time work, it's a great environment, and even better, it's not stressful and nothing comes home with me! Just about perfect for what I need and want right now. I can still get my workout in in the morning and plan ahead for dinner too.

I know, I'm sure people must wonder why I haven't looked for full time career-related work by now. It's been over a year since we closed LM, and sometimes it feels like it's even further in the past, the way I live is so different now. There are a few reasons, but the primary one I would have to say is that I was honestly burned out and at the edge of how much stress a person can handle - to the point that I don't know for sure if I'll ever really want to be working full time again. Of course that may not actually be possible and my mind may change as time goes on or if the right opportunity arises, but it's still how I feel today. So, this part time job is another step forward in finding balance in my life, I suppose you could say. (Plus some extra money to save is very welcome too!). We'll see what I have to say in another few months!


  1. Congrats Jackie! Sounds perfect and you are the absolute best person for that type of job :)

  2. Congrats Jackie! Good part-time work (and help) is hard to find.

  3. that's fantastic : )and what a fun job!