Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moroccanoil - Where Have You Been All My Life?

Seriously, this is the best hair product I have ever EVER used. EVER. really! And no, no one has given me free product to try or paid me to say it!:)

Like most women I've had a love/hate relationship with my hair my whole life. I've always been told what beautiful hair I have, but secretly would hate it most of the time. I have a lot of hair! not necessarily thick in texture, but a lot of it - and it's naturally wavy/curly. Most of my life I've let it airdry because to be honest, well, it took a long time to dry and I'd still end up unhappy with dry frizzy (but straight) hair. Yes, I've tried every smoother, straighten, silicone spray, gel, whatever that's been on the market. Hair salons have done well on my hair product purchases over the years, trying the latest thing that is supposed to the best solution. Still, I end up two days later being frustrated yet again. So, many days I went with airdrying and then by mid day I was pulling it back in a ponytail because my hair got too 'big'. Never again!!!

My stylist has been using Moroccanoil on my hair for a couple years. I've resisted buying some to try because well, I kinda feel like I've learned my lesson with the dozen bottles of other salon products sitting in my bathroom cupboard. Well last month I finally succumbed and got a bottle. OMG, this is seriously the best hair product EVER. Did you catch that? EVER! well for me at least :) My hair blowdries smooth and healthy. A little help from a curling iron or straightening iron and I'm out the door feeling like I was at the salon. No frizz. Amazing!

Guess what Glamour magazine this month says? The trend is now 'natural'! LOL! They tell you to ditch your styling/straightening irons and blowdryers and throw some product in and let it airdry. REALLY? please tell me they're not serious. I don't want to go back!!!

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