Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another New Beginning

I suppose life is actually full of many new beginnings! Another one began for me today. Today was my first day as a full time Marketing Coordinator at a tech company in the auto industry.

It's been 2 years since we closed LM. Almost 10 years since I was last employed full time by someone else. I know that even in the past year I've written on this very blog that I didn't know I'd ever want to go back to full time work, that I didn't know how I felt about ever going back to the corporate world. Our perspectives change as life goes on, our experiences change us. What prompted this change for me now? Besides simply needing some time and distance from the stress that took over my life with my business, and being burnt out and depressed - at the root of it truly is my yoga practice.  I've talked about yoga being so much more than the physical practice, and this new step in my life is a great example of the personal transformations that can take place. I learn on my mat about staying present, about being open to possibilities, about pushing my edge, and being compassionate to myself, about celebrating accomplishments and not comparing myself to others, about finding joy! These things apply off my mat, in my life, and gave me the confidence to realize that I was ready to go back to a full time career-related position, and that it was okay to not push myself into needing a high level position, instead looking for balance in my life, yet still finding challenge and interest -- and that those decisions will make me an all around happier person.

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