Sunday, February 26, 2012

Play Ball!

Last visit in December it was all about soccer. While Brandon is still busy with his travel soccer team and weekly golf lessons, both he and Avery are at the beginning of the softball/baseball season. So weird to think of these sports in the winter, but really it's far better weather for it now than in the heat of the summer there.

Avery is playing on a coach pitched softball team that is mostly 7 year olds. Sshhhh! She turns 6 in May but her Mom is one of the coaches. ;). (plus, she's so big, no one will question it anyway!). She's a determined player and her team is strong and a nice group of girls.

Brandon is in his 2nd year with this team and has amazing hand eye coordination. We watched him at practice and he hit every single ball pitched to him. He also did good in the field. I still think soccer will end up his favorite, though.
Brandon at Baseball Practice
Avery up to bat
Yogurtini after Avery's softball game
Coach Debbie
Avery, "softball ready"
Avery waiting her turn at bat

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