Saturday, February 18, 2012

Visiting Friends

The last time we came through we only had a couple hours to spend with Jenn and her family, so it was great to have a nice morning and early afternoon with them.

We took Jenn to a yoga class this morning at Be Yoga on the square in Marietta. It was a "Be Hot Basics" class. I'd say the emphasis was more on hot than basic! 95 degrees (which I actually loved) meant a bit of slipping, a lot of sweat, and great stretching - just what we needed after all the hours in the car. The flow was a little different than what we were used to, a little slower paced and some more basic modifications, but the teacher, Reggie, was great. (In fact, I felt right at home when his music started with some familiar Krishna Das.) He did a fantastic job of detailed instructions, modifications, and encouragement, while also giving options to advance the poses. He certainly didn't back down from including a lot of chaturungas, one legged planks and forearm planks, and gave opportunities for crow and wheel. We really enjoyed it and felt great after! Class ended with a cold wet washcloth scented with lavender placed on our foreheads during savasana - perfect!

It was a small studio basically in a storefront space, but did have space for two small classes. I thought it was pretty cool that they had our favorite camelbak water bottles branded with their logo. Great idea!

After class we were greeted by 60 degree weather and sunshine! That's my idea of February! There was a nice little farmers market nearby that we wandered through. Picked up some local handmade organic energy bites we sampled - yum! A nice variety of vendors selling everything from local goat cheese to beets and collard greens. Really made me miss going to the farmers markets at home!

After quick showers we headed out for lunch with Jenn and her family at a local Mexican restaurant. I was all over the baja fish tacos. Jenn's kids are so polite and just all around great! Little Aidan just had his 2 yr birthday and is so so cute - red hair and talking up a storm after he got over some shyness with us. He is amazingly adept at using Jenn's iphone for his apps, i was impressed! Sarah is such a pretty young woman and already taller than Jenn Ben is so clever and a great big brother to aidan. John, jenn's husband, was even able to take a break from work and join us. We really enjoyed our time with them today!

Now we are on the road again, heading to Ft Myers tonight. ETA 11pm! Got delayed a little with Atlanta traffic (on a Saturday afternoon!?). Looking forward to even warmer weather!

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