Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good on Ya!

I really like to share when I've had a great customer service experience, especially when it's a small growing business! A few weeks ago I read about these GoodOnYa bars bars in the Whole Foods newsletter - but of course they were only distributed locally in the Southern California region. After checking their site I found they ship their products and offered a sampler package to try them. I ordered right away hoping to have in time for my weekend yoga immersion.
The next day I received an email from the owner, Kristen (a former Olympic athlete), telling me there was a delay because they were transitioning to a new facility (all solar powered!) that would enable them to do entirely raw bars instead of dehydrating them and that they would be even better. She promised to throw in an extra bar of their new flavor too. I wrote her back and told her I looked forward to trying them, that I could just make my own energy bites for my upcoming yoga immersion weekend, and thanked her for letting me know. She then wrote back and told me she was going to send me what bars she had right away (so I could have them for my weekend!), and then send me the sampler set of the new ones in a couple weeks when they were ready! I totally didn't expect that, but was certainly thrilled.

The ones she sent were great! But wow, the new ones I received this week are AMAZING, being all raw means they tasted like they were just made in my kitchen! Peanut Butter Chocolate and Peanut Butter Honey were my favorites. They are not inexpensive, but quality non-GMO healthy organic ingredients aren't either. And I love that it's a company I can feel good about supporting -- it was certainly aptly named!

p.s. (I wasn't paid to write this or receive any free product to do so!)

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