Friday, February 24, 2012


Thad and I enjoyed a perfect afternoon in Naples on Sunday. Neither of us had been before, and other than knowing hotels were expensive, I really didn't have any expectations.

Have I mentioned how much I love my iPhone? Ive used it all week to take photos, get directions, consult Yelp for recommendations, and even blog.

I found a recommendation for a great local fresh seafood restaurant in old town Naples, Citrus. We wandered the main street peeking in shops and enjoying the sunshine, and ended up eating out on the patio. Fantastic service and I loved my fresh caught grilled grouper tacos! Thad had some yummy sweet potato fries with a mango purée dip with cayenne that I need to remember to recreate!

The first of many gelato/frozen yogurt stops this week started in Naples at an all organic handmade gelato shop. Heaven!! Dulce de leche with sea salt was amazing.

We sat for awhile in a park listening to a free concert (an all senior band, it is Florida after all!), then headed over to walk the pier and get our feet in the sand. I tried to get photos of all the dolphins, but they were too fast! The beach was packed with vacationers. I would definitely like to come back to Naples another time!
Fancy dog bowls at this frou frou pet store
Puppies hanging out at lunch

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