Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Girlfriend Shopping Therapy

It was even unplanned! I was going to get together with my friend Maddie for lunch at Panera, but instead ended up meeting at Michael's (I was looking for cookie glitter) and then going on to the mall. What a fun day! Maddie and I go way back as shopping buddies, famous for enabling one another in college. Though, today we did more window shopping than anything else, had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and enjoyed getting to catch up at the same time. We looked at pretty jewelry, dresses we have nowhere to wear, cute boots, smelly candles, kitchen and china 'stuff' at Macy's, toys and some fun t-shirts. These are the kinds of days that I missed for so many years and was so thrilled to get to appreciate today. I found something fun for my mother-in-law; she got hers something sparkly. Oh! And I also brought home with me two pretty sparkly birds that needed a new home on my mantle. :)

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  1. I am so glad you have time to do the fun things now and Just enjoy life I know I really am glad I get those opprotunities now more than I did and it makes a girls life seem much better! :0 hope interview went well cant wait to get together after the holidays, Copied lots of things from yr blog today gonna be my holiday menu thanks for making it easy for me :)