Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decor 2010

My project today was to get the Christmas tree up and decorated - mission accomplished! There is something so peaceful and beautiful about sitting in the living room at night with just the lights from the tree on - makes me wish the tree could be up year 'round! (although I suppose we find things more special when their time is limited). We don't have a very large tree, but I do like how well it showcasing the ornaments, and really it's perfect for the spot we have it in. Every year as I'm putting ornaments on (and I usually add a few each year), I start to think there's just not going to be enough room for everything - yet somehow there is and the more that is added, the prettier it gets!


Here's the lovely fresh wreath I got from Costco the other day, hung above the fireplace. I love having a bit of real greenery in the house, you just can't beat that smell at Christmas! 

Another favorite item of mine is our Waterford Crystal Nativity Set. Several years ago the set was released over a few years and I believe it's now discontinued. It was a gift from my parents.


  1. Beautiful! I love a Christmas tree too. Ours is pretty much on from the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed.

  2. Beautiful tree and decorations!