Sunday, December 5, 2010

First attempt at a healthier Christmas cookie!

Well first, let me say, I really want to make some healthier treats! However, I'm not sure these qualify as yummy enough to be worth the calories they do contain. A little disappointing, but I still will try out another 'healthier' recipe.

These are Princess Tea Cakes. The recipe is from Eating Well.  They use canola oil instead of butter, less powdered sugar in the cookies and a mix of whole wheat white and white flours. I think that butter really makes the flavor of these kind of cookies so yummy - and canola oil is just flavorless. I do think though that I will continue to substitute half the flour in most cookie recipes with whole wheat white, I don't see it making any difference in anything I've done this with yet and it makes them a little healthier! But I'm going to stick with real butter!

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