Sunday, December 5, 2010

All Dressed Up . . .

. . . with nowhere to go! Actually, we had plans to attend our neighbors' annual Holiday Wine Party last night. I scheduled my hair appointment for yesterday (always better to have great plans on the day you get your hair cut!) and even got a complimentary express manicure at the salon. Got dressed, did my makeup, took this photo . . .and we ended up not being able to go because Thad got sick (he's feeling better this morning). I was disappointed, but it was okay and I certainly understood. Half of the fun of going out is the primping and dressing up and I did get to do that :) And in the process I learned that I now own not one pair of pants that fit. (don't worry, I'm not walking around pant-less, I have 1 pair of jeans that fit, 1 that is just a little big, and a couple dressier knit/yoga pants). I know, not something to get too upset over, right? Except I had this pair of black Banana Republic pants that I had gotten at the outlet store right before we went to New Orleans in October that I just loved. I ended up not wearing them on our trip and haven't had occasion to wear them since - and now they are too big. I could get by wearing them except that being looser on me means they got longer and they even touch the ground with heels on. Not worth getting hemmed when they're really too big anyway. Unfortunately I'd taken the tags off already, but I may try to sell on ebay.


  1. You look beautiful Jackie! Sorry Thad wasn't feeling good though.

  2. you look terrific!! sorry Thad wasn't feeling well and you didn't get to show your hot self off!

  3. You are so beautiful! Bummer about the pants and Thad. Glad he's better.