Friday, May 25, 2012

Snapshot of America

Airports are fascinating places to people watch. What a cross section of society! Detroit now boasts two nice newish terminals and I'm always impressed with the level of security and efficiency getting through. Unfortunately I'm not so impressed with the food selections. I pass by two sports bars, a McDonald's and a cheeburger cheeburger to find the Asian noodle sushi place closed. Why didnt i pack something?? So I ended up spending 20 minutes in the Caribou/newsstand store reading pkg labels. Why is it that everything is so big? Every trail mix bag had 3.5 to 6 servings. That means the avg person grabs it and eats 500-800 calories as airplane snack! I ended up with a soy iced chai (a treat), a cliff builders bar and organic dried mango (1 serving!). I'm currently surrounded by others waiting for the flight with their takeout bags from McDonald's. So sad! Don't even get me started on all the unnecessary moving sidewalks here!

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