Friday, May 18, 2012

Bike to Work Day

Today is National Bike to Work Day! I am proud to say that not only did I ride 9 miles each way today, but I also was responsible for making it a company wide event! Last week when I learned about the campaign I brought it up to our HR manager and asked about the status of the planned bike rack. She said it would be installed in time and suggested I send the note out to the company and see if others might like to join me. I put out the challenge and 10 other employees accepted (including our President)! We have about 55 employees on site, and not counting those who were out of town, that meant we had about 25% participation. Not bad! There is hope for future wellness related activities :)

I rode in with my neighbor Jobi, and two guys from work that live further away parked their cars at the office and rode out to meet us and ride in with us. What a fun way to start the day.  I actually found it to be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable - most of our path was on the Rail Trail which is really pretty. Lots of bunnies this morning and some beautiful wildflowers brought out a ton of butterflies this afternoon. I would definitely like to make this a regular thing, perhaps on Fridays!

I'm really enjoying my new job and the company. It's a great work environment. I even designed t-shirts for those who participated, as a prize from the company. I think this really helps to create a great team and positive environment where people enjoy their work and I'm happy to get to be a part of making it happen!


  1. that is awesome!! I wish riding my bike to work was even a possiblity and am constantly jealous of the co-worker who actually walks to work. and I love that your employer was so quick to support you!

  2. That is awesome! Rail to trails are such a great asset to a community...and a safe way to bike without all the traffic!

  3. What great participation. Kudos to you for initiating it.