Sunday, May 6, 2012

Exciting News and Possibilities!

"Life is never static - we either grow or we die." - Baron Baptiste

My life has changed dramatically over the past 2 1/2 years and I couldn't be happier for it. Transformation is not a simple thing, but it is something we all have available to us inside, we just have to reveal it. Growth and change our necessary in our lives. And mine is continuing to evolve again.

As you probably know by now, I have a passion for nutrition and healthy living and enjoy sharing it with others all the time - I don't 'try' to - it just happens, perhaps because it comes from my true self. Whether it's through this blog or supporting friends online, or discussions with coworkers, friends at yoga, family, neighbors, or with the person behind me in line at the grocery store, it seems that I am always talking about healthy foods, recipes, fitness, stress, and how I changed my life.

For the past year I've been giving a lot of thought to what I want to do with this. Do I want to become a dietitian? I looked into where dietitians work (most often hospitals), and who they often work with (people who are sick and are being forced to change their diet). After years of trying one diet plan or another, some successful for some time, but all seeming to end, I know in my heart that diet change is not the whole picture. I believe whole heartedly that lifestyle change, and a personal shift are what we need in our lives in order to create lasting change and live our best selves healthfully. There's so much more to it than simple nutrition.

After months of contemplation around this, I've had several instances come up for me in my life where I felt like there was something telling me that I need to take a step (or perhaps jump in is the right answer?). I'm also now in a full time job that I enjoy and life has settled in a bit. We have new routines, new financial security, and in some ways I feel like normal life has found its way to me again. I enjoy time with friends, practicing yoga, and taking on new challenges such as running.  I'm looking forward to starting yoga teacher training in the Fall (that is not news). But still, what do I do with my passion and interest in nutrition and healthy living?

With the encouragement of a couple friends I looked into the Holistic Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY --- and have just enrolled in their 1 year program to become a certified Health Coach! IIN has been around for 20 years.  Their philosophy is in line with mine, teaching traditional nutrition philosophies with current health concepts to help people transform their lives. I'll be able to work with clients (both in person and remotely) on issues related to their health, nutrition and lifestyle to guide and support them in making sustainable changes and hopefully inspire them to find what works uniquely for them. This is the type of practice that I know I will enjoy and see myself being able to do this outside of my regular full time job. There are so many possibilities and I can't wait to get started!


  1. this is INCREDIBLE NEWS! I've only "known" you online a short time, but I believe this is going to be a great fit for you! You are going to help a lot of people :)

  2. You signed up! Awesome! :)

  3. That is so exciting Jackie! I know you'll be an excellent coach being as passionate as you are about it :) That is indeed exciting! Congrats

  4. I can't wait for you to teach me all that you know.