Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Abstain or Moderate?

Saw this article this morning and thought some of you might find it insightful too. The theory is that you are either a moderator or an abstainer when it comes to eating. Upon reading it I've decided I probably am an abstainer in order to get results, but hope to become a moderator for life (is that even possible?). I wonder if some of my issues of the scale not moving are as simple as this philosophy. I was an abstainer when I was losing weight, so why do I think I can lose weight now as a moderator? Once I moved into being happy 'enough' with where my body was size/weight-wise, I started to subscribe to the moderator philosophy. People say it all the time, and I probably have as well - all things in moderation. In theory, I agree completely that that it is healthy to treat yourself in moderation, following healthy eating the majority of the time. However, I never followed that when I was losing all the weight! I just cut things out completely to not be tempted - and it worked for me. I so relate to the author of this article with her frozen yogurt treats :) If I have something I really like in the house, even if it's reasonably healthy treat like frozen yogurt or dark chocolate, I seem to find excuses to allow myself that treat, far too often, til it's gone. I justify it in my mind in some way. No, I'm not eating quantities or poor quality of these treats I would have 2 years ago, but that doesn't mean I still don't have an issue. Perhaps what I need to do is go back to my abstaining philosophy to get the scale moving again, for good. Food for thought today, in any case!


  1. I "get" this completely! With sugar I have to abstain or I want more and more. I think I could be a moderator with grains more.

  2. I'm a moderator, except with Brie cheese. If I have that in my house, I'll eat the whole wedge until I'm sick off it.

  3. I think I was an abstainer over the last 2 years while losing 100 I am trying to be a moderator and well its HARD! Its hard to do it in MODERATION and not go overboard...lets face it my all or nothing attitude was part of the reason why I was 100 pounds heavier. Moderation is my goal...I know I can figure this out :)