Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Steel Cut Oats

I've been 'meaning' to try these for many months now - well I finally did this week and I love them! 12 minutes cooking on the stove and you have a yummy bowl of oats ready to top with more yumminess. Steel Cut Oats are very nutritious - they are low on the glycemic index, high in soluble fiber (8g/serving) and protein (6g/serving). (I bought Arrowhead Mills Organic Steel Cut Oats) Many of the food blogs I read regularly feature some delicious bowls of oatmeal they make, so I was well inspired. Today it was a TB natural peanut butter, 10 raisins, 1/3 banana and a drizzle of honey. The other day it was a TB of plain greek yogurt, a handful of blueberries and a drizzle of honey. Another day I used sunflower seed butter and banana. I also plan to add some chia seeds, ground flaxseed, almond butter, or walnuts. The possibilities are endless and what a great way to get a nutrition boost in the morning.

Here's a great breakdown of the different terms for oats that I saw today on Tastespotting.

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  1. I love throwing a handful of them uncooked (or just plain old fashioned Quaker oats) into my fruit smoothie in the morning for the "extra" heart health they add and they help make the smoothies thicker. So good!