Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January - a month of Struggle!

I never planned that January would end up being a month of struggle for me for weight loss and exercise, but it ended up that way.

I had such great intentions as the year began - I made it to Jazzercise every day until I pulled my calf muscle and was waylaid by it for several weeks. Last week I made it back to class 3 times and this week I have already gone twice (although today is cancelled due to snow). My calf feels back to normal, thankfully. It was very frustrating to deal with the injury, but I am thankful it was not worse. The silver lining in all of this is that I've begun going to yoga regularly, am really enjoying it and already see improvements in my practice. I've also gotten on the treadmill at home a few times to walk and do some running intervals to get some extra cardio in. So, overall on the exercise front in January - not too bad considering.

At the same time this month, there seemed to be a lot of celebrations and more meals out than usual. New Years, then my Mom's birthday, Vern's birthday, a night out with friends, a delicious dinner at other friends', a soup swap party at my house - all added up to more indulgences than I'd planned for January. I know, you have to live a little, right? :) I'm not beating myself up about it --I also ate very healthy other days. However, it does add up.

It all added up to a weight loss of 6.2lbs for the month - which I realize doesn't sound bad at all - except that I was up and down within about 5 lbs over the holidays as it was, so it's only 6.6 lbs down from the middle of November - and that's what's frustrating for me right now after having averaged a loss of 10lbs/month for most of 2010.

At the same time, I knew (in my mind) that as I got closer to my 'goal', my weight loss would likely slow down a bit, but that doesn't change how I feel about it. So, here's to a better February!

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