Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yoga anyone?

My amazing husband, Thad, has been going to yoga since May almost daily - and he absolutely loves it. He's been wanting me to go with him for months now and try it out, I think really he just wants to share with me something that has come to mean so much to him (and no, he won't be coming to Jazzercise with me, LOL). A few weeks ago I tried out a basics class at his studio and enjoyed it but did not feel very challenged. Well last week I took a Power Yoga 101 class and it was definitely better - I enjoyed all of the stretching especially and felt great afterward. I was even sore the next day which is unusual now that I work out almost every day. Tonight I took another Power Yoga 101 class with a different instructor and really enjoyed it - very challenging and great stretching - I know my hips are going to be sore tomorrow! I don't think that yoga will become a daily thing for me like it is for Thad, but adding it to my workout schedule once a week I think will have a profound effect on my flexibility and awareness of my muscles - plus it feels great and it's special together time with my husband :)

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