Friday, September 3, 2010

100lbs - Progress in Pictures

It's now been 8 months since I began on this journey - and I'm thrilled to say that as of my August 30th weigh in (after 34 weeks), I'm down 100.8 lbs! My goal is another 55lbs away, but that just sounds almost 'easy' after 100 lbs, doesn't it? I'm determined to stay on this new path and reach my goal!

Today Thad grabbed the camera as I was going out and snapped a few photos for me. When I looked at them tonight and compared to others over the past few months, it's even more obvious to me how much I've lost than just how I 'feel'. At the same time, sometimes I feel so fantastic and then I see a photo and think I don't look as good as I feel like I do, and still have a ways to go. (although seeing this progression does help me snap out of that attitude!) :)

100 lbs - I keep picturing that one Biggest Loser episode last season, in the beginning, when Bob puts on weight vests to simulate carrying around the weight that one of the contestants has on him, and how difficult it was to move. I can not imagine putting on 100 lbs on my body and doing all I do in a day now, yet I carried that on me for so so many years. Never again.

2/21/10 - Down 19lbs

3/30/10 - Down 33lbs

5/14/10 - Down 55lbs
6/7/10 - Down 65lbs

7/2/10 - Down 76lbs
9/3/10 - Down 100lbs


  1. It's just amazing what you've done, Jackie! I'm so proud of you!

  2. Great job Jackie! You look so wonderful!

  3. Oh, Jackie, your progress makes me cry tears of happiness for you!!!! You look fantastic!!

  4. I just found your blog..??? :) Jackie, this is wonderful. You are doing amazing! I love reading your recipes etc. Thanks for sharing your success story along the way.