Sunday, September 19, 2010

Transformation also means De-cluttering

These changes in healthy living have also spilled over into the need to de-clutter. Getting rid of all the clothes both of us can no longer wear has been great - I have so many empty hangers now it's unbelievable. I've found having a very small wardrobe is kind of freeing (well beyond the frequent laundry!). I took some items to consignment, have been selling others on Ebay, and am now also organizing for a garage sale Oct 1-2. In addition to the clothes I have a lot of scrapbooking items (surprise surprise!) to sell and have caught the bug to de-clutter everywhere in the house. I never thought going through boxes in the storage room could feel so wonderful! (obviously if I had, I would have looked in them during the past 5 years most of them have been there!) My list this week includes going through the linen closet, kitchen cupboards, study closet, laundry room closet, spare bedroom closet and the 2nd closet in our bedroom. I can't wait! So, everyone just pray for beautiful weather that weekend and many customers for us, because I do not want any of that coming back into the house!

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