Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Amazing Husband!

"I'm just an ordinary guy."

That's what Thad just said to me when I told him I was going to write about my amazing husband. I think anyone that knows him will agree with me that he is not just an ordinary guy, but someone very special - and yes, amazing.

Thad began this journey with me this year, supportive as always. I don't think he had any idea how much it would change our lives. Although he does have his 'cheat day' on Fridays when he goes out for lunch, it hasn't stopped him from losing 33 lbs this year. He's only 9 lbs away from his goal! I am so proud of him!

Thad has always been a laid back kind of guy, so his new-found love of yoga suits him perfectly. I love seeing his excitement over mastering a pose, coming home to show me like a little kid. How can I not fall in love with him all over again? :)

Today he wanted me to take some new photos, and I can't help but to share them here too!


  1. I think your husband is pretty amazing too.

  2. WooHoo Thad!!! Jackie you can feel the love you have for him while reading this. So special!!