Sunday, April 22, 2012

Building a Hoop House

No, we aren't building a hoop house in our backyard. :) We did help out yesterday with building two hoop houses at the farm where we will be getting our organic CSA shares from - Stone Coop Farm. We were looking forward to helping for a couple weeks, but when the day came yesterday, I have to be honest and say I dreaded going because of the chilly weather. But we made a commitment, so off we went!

And like most things, we didn't regret it once we were there. The sun came out and we got moving, the chill in the air wasn't so bad. It was nice to meet the two women running the farm and other members/volunteers. Really makes you feel a part of the farm, that we are contributing in some small way to making it a success. I am so excited to start getting our shares, although it will be June before we do. This is a huge expansion for them on new property and they have exciting dreams for the future. So nice to be supporting someone who is so passionate about what they are doing too!

While Thad climbed a really tall later and screwed in bolts, I worked with another woman to lay out some brackets, bolts and nuts all along each side of the hoop house so they would be ready to go. It's really pretty amazing how some boxes of parts, metal tubing and plastic will come together and create these hoop houses that are going to house tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant to help them get more heat and offer better protection from extreme environment changes and pests. I can't wait!

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