Sunday, April 1, 2012


Who would ever have thought? Definitely not me! Today I ran with Stephanie and did a total of 6.2 miles, basically a 10k! I honestly never thought I'd be a runner. I never liked it. Even after losing all this weight, I had never even run a mile straight until the past several months. My first real exposure to running was the bootcamp I did last August, and I remember feeling pretty good about my ability to run, something I was hesitant about going into it. Still, Only 3 months ago I set myself a goal for the year to run a 5k, with the thought in my mind that I'd need to train for weeks to do it. Apparently not. Last Sunday I ran a 5K+, this Sunday I basically ran a 10k! unbelievable! A special thank you to Stephanie, my yoga + running friend who really gave me the confidence that it was something I was capable of doing in the shape I'm in now.

Last night Thad and I were at our friends Angie and Steve's for dinner and a movie. We ended up watching an interesting and inspiring documentary, called Spirit of the Marathon, that profiled both elite runners and new runners of all ages, training and running the Chicago marathon. One of the key things that really stood out for me is how so many of them talked about how running a marathon changed their lives forever, how the sense of having accomplished it opened them up to the possibilities in life - i.e. if they could do this, they could do anything they set their minds to. I found it especially interesting because I've had friends talk about how running is such a mental exercise. All of these sentiments led my thoughts right to yoga actually. I really feel that that is the impact yoga has had on my life.  I honestly credit being able to start running like I have with both the physical and mental training I've developed in my yoga practice.

Now I've had people telling me I should train and do the half marathon (Detroit in October). My hesitation is whether I want to devote that much time to running, when at the same time I really feel I want to further develop/focus on my yoga practice. Although running more often might help me with those last pounds I can't seem to lose!! So, I'm at a 'we'll see' point I guess. Either way, feeling pretty proud of myself today!

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  1. You should feel proud! You gave me a good kick in the butt the last two weeks! :)