Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Have you heard of the Body Adiposity Index? I was reading an article about it this morning and thought I'd try calculating. I've known BMI is a loose measure that has its faults, and I'm always interested in hearing different methods of measuring healthy/overweight/obese. BAI uses the measurement of your hip circumference and your height to calculate body fat, along with gender and age. They claim it can be more accurate than BMI. I'm still not convinced either is entirely accurate, I guess we'd need a scientific method for me to really believe it!

Using BMI calculations, I'm still at 26, which keeps me in the overweight category. I still have lbs around my tummy to lose (and yes, there's probably some extra skin there too) and so I 'see' where that fits. Interestingly, using BAI calculations I am in the healthy category, with a body fat percentage estimate of 26.1%. That in fact puts me right about in the middle of their scale for healthy, which does surprise me.

Interested in calculating your BMI vs BAI? go here.

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