Saturday, December 31, 2011


Really, isn't a new year actually just the next day? Life goes on and every day is a new day. Somehow though it always means a time for reflection and dreams. What do we want our lives to be? What kind of person do we want to be? What changes do we want to make happen? I've been giving a lot of thought to both sides of this - both my personal goals, and questioning why 1/1/12 is all that different from 12/31/11 - it's really just a new day. Something we get every single morning! Still, I've taken the prompt of a fresh new year to reflect and have in mind things I'd like to do and goals for becoming the person I'd like to be. Whether I will get there in 2012 or not, I'm not so concerned about, but it is nice to have a clear mind about where I'd like to go.
  • I'd like to continue to find ways to support and inspire others in their own healthy goals - whether it's weight loss, healthy eating and cooking, or improving themselves in other ways. This may be in a public way or in a personal one, it might be big, or it might be a kind word or two of encouragement.
  • Define a way of being for myself and do my best to practice it every day - this is huge! Being present in the moment, not comparing myself to others, being kind to myself, being confident, not making assumptions, being positive, being compassionate, patient and listen.
  • Practice my own healthy lifestyle - eating whole foods that will improve my body and health and being mindful of what I put in my body; practicing yoga every day (or as often as I can!); cardio 2x week (jazzercise, walking, running).
  • Attend a Level 1 Baptiste Yoga Bootcamp in 2012 - both for the personal experience and growth in my practice, and to work toward becoming a teacher.
  • Run a 5k this year. I've never been a runner, but have enjoyed the challenge and feeling of accomplishment the times I've pushed myself to run further. I will need to train when the weather gets nicer, but I'm confident I can do this.
  • Lose the rest of the excess weight I'm still carrying around. I don't want to put a definite number on it for now, but it's at least 20lbs.
  • Simplify our lives. (I know, my new Iphone 4s is a step in the other direction since it's added a larger phone bill and created even more dependancy on technology, but it has also brought me much joy!) I'd like to continue to go through items in our house to sell or donate and make concious decisions in buying anything new.
  • Be mindful of our spending and saving. We both want to go to a bootcamp this year and a vacation would be wonderful too - to the tune of several thousand dollars. My goal is to put my entire paycheck into savings so we are only living on Thad's and put away $1000 each month of his into a longer term savings.
  • Create and keep to a schedule of cleaning and organizing our home.
  • Meal plan each week and shop specifically for what we will eat. Take the time to plan when meals must be made in advance so we are not tempted to spend unnecessary $ on meals out, waste food we have at home, or eat unhealthfully.
  • Make time for each other and for friends. Stay in contact with long distance family. I think I do pretty well with this, but it's something I'd like to be sure to keep in mind.
  • Volunteer. Help make a difference in someone else's life, whether it's someone I know, for a local organization, or donating to organizations that are improving lives in the world.
  • Record life! I'd like to blog more often and take photos more often because I think there is much to learn about ourselves by looking back and seeing where we've been, in order to understand more clearly where we are today.
  • Read a book each month about either yoga or personal growth

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  1. Those are great goals Jackie. Wishing you the best in 2012.