Sunday, March 25, 2012


I know, I always said I would never be a runner. I guess I'm just proving the 'never say never' cliche'! Last weekend I didn't get up early enough for yoga and so decided to go for a run. I ran 1.36 miles and walked probably another mile before/after. One of my goals this year was to run a 5k so I've been talking about looking at finding a race to make a goal.

Today I went to Kensington to run with a friend from yoga. Her pace is similar to mine, but she's training for a half marathon. I figured it might help me push to run further. I was a bit nervous about going and being able to run very far, so I skipped yoga this morning, I didn't want to be worn out for the run. Thad of course tells me I'm being too hard on myself, but that is really nothing new. Anyway, the run was great - perfect weather in the 60s, a slight breeze, and a route I'm very familiar with since Thad and I walk it often with Izzie in the summer. I did a total of just under 4 miles (not sure exactly since my GPS screwed up on my phone), probably 11:30-12:00/min miles. Apparently I'm in better shape for running than I thought I was, and it's even a hilly route. Felt great to have done this - I guess I can easily do a 5k! :)

If it works out, I'll try to make this a regular Sunday thing!

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  1. You are in much better shape than you give yourself credit for! Sign up for a race now so you have a goal! :) Thanks for running with me!