Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Body Awareness

I'd like to say that yoga makes me so aware of my body all the time that I know what's going on when I feel some soreness or pain, but I'm not there yet! It does make me way more aware than I've ever been though, and makes me want to discover what I can do to help it. The past week I've been having this soreness/stiffness on the right side of my neck. It's like I woke up one day and there it was. I asked Cheryl (my yoga teacher and best massage therapist ever) what she thought I could do for it. She wondered if it was related to working at a desk all day now, and suggested some stretches I could do during the day. The stretches helped, I did them periodically at work yesterday.

Thad wondered if I'd pulled it doing some abs in a class, I wondered if I just slept funny. Then he asked me more about how my desk is set up and my computer. BINGO! For the past week I've been using a brand new laptop, and it's hooked up to a nice big monitor - I've been using both screens to work with (which is nice for space to have different programs open). Well it also means Ive been turning my head from straight on, to left, many many times throughout the day. No wonder it hurt to turn to the right. No wonder I had a knot in my neck on the right side.

So today I switched it to just using the big monitor and it feels better already. How crazy is that? I also just got off the phone scheduling myself a massage for Thursday after work! woo hoo! I had a gift certificate to a local spa and Cheryl  is out of commission as a massage therapist for awhile recovering from shoulder surgery, so sounded like the perfect plan! I'm so excited!

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