Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning through challenging

I think we learn a lot about ourselves by facing and meeting challenges. They can come in many forms in different aspects of our lives. Some simple, some complex and serious. It's in how we meet them that we grow.

A serious contemplation, I know. In reality, I'm thinking about the challenge I made for myself by signing up for the bootcamp class this month. I came, I conquered, I ran myself down, I got sick, I stopped going. After the first week I was feeling so proud of myself for doing something so different, for all the running and challenging training, all at 5:30am. - so much so that I upped my 'membership' for the month to 5 days/week instead of 3. The 2nd week I made it through Thursday, and by Friday morning I was sleep deprived and sore from a killer lower body workout, plus all my usual yoga. I slept in and missed both bootcamp and yoga. I felt guilty. The next morning I woke with a terrible sinus cold - my body telling me I was pushing myself too hard and not taking the care it needed. Monday came and I stayed home. Tuesday arrived and guilt ate away at me. I wanted to go, I didn't want to give up. I owe my realizations about meeting this challenge to my insightful husband, Thad. He told me how proud he was of me for challenging myself and giving it 100%, but that I didn't need to continue to run myself down while sick in order to feel I'd met the challenge I set for myself, and to let go of any guilt over the $ already spent on it. And so I did. How simple is that? Perhaps that is where the growth really happened for me, it does often happen when you least expect it!

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