Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1 Bootcamp–I survived!

This month I am doing a 3 days/week for 4 weeks Women’s Adventure Boot Camp. Something totally out of the norm for me, I’m taking it on as a challenge!

4 am – alarm goes off!

4:30 am – green smoothie in my Vitamix – made a big one to divide up before and after workout and later in the day – 2 bananas (frozen), 2 cups frozen cherries, 2 large handfuls baby spinach, 1 cube of frozen wheatgrass juice, 2 TB chia seeds, 2 TB hemp protein powder, 1/4 cup plain kefir, 1 cup original almond milk, 2 cups cold water

5:10 am – mat? check! weights? check! water? check! towel? check!

5:25 am – realized I forgot my LivingSocial printout, figured he wouldn’t send me home so started walking to warm up

5:30 am – we got right to it! There were probably at least 50 women there this morning, our mats laid out in the parking lot, in the dark – many likely wondering what we’ve gotten ourselves into. I was excited to see what he had planned and what the style of the workout would be. For the next hour we did interval training – 4 different exercises, mostly with our weights, 20 reps each, then 2 minute bursts of cardio – running, jumping jacks, simulated jump rope, butt kicks, punches. LOTS of arm work with weights (I brought my 7lb that I had last used at Jazzercise and I still think it’s the right weight for now for me) – and THEN push ups (after my arms were jelly!). We ended with some ab/core work – forearm plank and tabletop alternate leg/arm balances, then some stretching which was all taken from yoga – child’s pose, half pigeon, bound angle and a final hamstring stretch.

6:30am - Whew! I got a good workout in and feel confident I can do this and not look ridiculous! My heart rate monitor tells me I burned 401 calories, with an avg heart rate of 125 and a max heart rate of 164. Not bad for the first day!

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