Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Teaching and Landmark Days!

I knew I had to blog today and mark this day! Today I taught a portion of the Teen Yoga class at Divine Yoga for the first time! Jenn and I are co-teaching the series - last week I did assisting and massage. Tonight I started off class, introduced the theme, got through Integration, then Sun As and Bs before handing off to Jenn. I feel pretty amazing! This was a less intimidating way to start teaching - and I felt so supported and prepared well. The theme we decided on for this class was judgment. I started them on their backs and did some breathing with them. I started talking about judgment and when we have been judged by others and how it feels. Then I related that to self-judgment and how that shows up - being nervous, anxious, hesitant to do things. I talked about the space on their yoga mat being their home. Then I gave them a visualization technique of putting the thoughts that come up into a bubble and picture it floating away. Then we got started! I had a lot of fun, was only a tiny bit nervous and I think it flowed well. :)

Yesterday I also applied for Baptiste Level 1 Training in Sedona in June! Yep, up to BIG things! :)

I looked back out of curiosity on my blog.

Almost 1 year ago I broke my finger falling out of headstand in the middle of the room at yoga. I was reading 40 Days to a Personal Revolution for the first time, working on headstand and anticipating going to Foundations in Action in Toronto in February. I didn't know quite yet that I'd be applying for and accepting a full time job the next month either.

Exactly 2 years ago today I blogged about it being my first day employed by someone else after having owned my business for over 7 years. I had taken a part time job and  was just at the point of being ready to look forward in my life.

3 years ago I was barely beginning my weight loss journey, over 130lbs heavier than I am today, suddenly at a loss for direction and purpose in life.

What amazing perspective this gives you. Who knows what the year will bring? I'm excited to find out!

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