Monday, May 27, 2013

New Life

Today I had the honor of meeting Sloane, Jobi and Phillip's beautiful new baby girl, just minutes after her birth. How amazing it is, really, to be present during their discovery of one another. I've never held a baby so new before in my life (and quite possibly may never again in the future), it was pretty incredible to be a part of their special day.

Jobi, Sloane and me
The entire experience over the past months of seeing my friend find out she was pregnant, through the decisions she's made and seeing her body change as this little miracle grew and now through her birth has been memorable for me. It has made me reflect tonight that maybe it was meant to be for me to have such a place in their lives right now. I've been able to give her support and hold space for calm and balance for her during a period of great change and uncertainty, and for me I think this time has given me something I will never experience for myself and maybe needed to entirely come to terms with more than I realized I still did. And for that gift alone, I will be forever grateful.

Jobi, Savannah, Sloane, and Phillip

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