Sunday, April 24, 2011

LM Lunch Friends

For several years as long as the weather was decent and she was in town, Lee would visit us at the LM Warehouse every Friday around lunchtime. She'd shop, pick up orders, chat and sometimes join us for lunch. We all became good friends and looked forward to her visits. Two of her grandkids are the same ages as Brandon and Avery - and in fact are named Landon and Avery! My Mom and Lee always loved to share stories of what they were up to. Over the past year and a half we've gotten together for lunch a few times, but not nearly often enough! We got together at Antonio's last Tuesday for a goodbye lunch. Lee's sister in law who we'd met over the years was visiting and also joined us (she took the photo so she's not in it). Miranda also came! Unfortunately Vern had to work that day and couldn't come with us. I promised Lee we'd make plans for lunch again after I get back from Florida helping my parents get settled.

Miranda, Margie, Lee, Jackie, Barbara

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