Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lunch with Old Friends

I think it was about 2nd grade when I met Maha at ballet class. Meanwhile in the waiting area my Mom was meeting one of her dearest friends, Salma. They have shared so much of their lives over the years, through all the ups and downs life brings you. A few weeks ago we all went out to lunch at Sweet Lorraine's - My mom, my aunt, Salma, Maha, Maha's two beautiful daughters, Serene and Summer, and me. It was a lovely lunch and so nice to reminisce, but so bittersweet too. My favorite story told was of my Mom and Salma waiting in Salma's car at Catholic Central HS for my brother and Maher (Salma's son) to get out of school, being approached by some strange guy asking for $ for gas cause their car broke down, and while Salma tells him she has no cash, my Mom whips out her bank envelope and gives the guy $20! Many laughs were shared over lunch.

My Mom and Salma
Maha and Me

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