Friday, August 20, 2010

Still a Scrapper?

I must admit that I have not scrapped since making the decision to close LM last year. I could try and tell you it's because of not wanting anything to do with scrapping, but I've realized that's not entirely the case. Last month I told friends I was questioning whether I would ever scrap again and what to do with all my stuff.

Well last week while Thad was up late doing some work, I kept him company downstairs and ventured into my scraproom. I don't have a photo to share, but let me assure you, it was scary! the doors wouldn't open without hitting boxes or bags. not one clear surface - and not because I had been scrapping and made a mess, but just piles of things never put away. I started going through things and unpacking bags and boxes and ran across products I'd loved, photos I'd never scrapped, projects I'd wanted to start - and I realized I DO want to continue scrapping! I just need to 'clean house' and simplify what I have.

My wonderful friend Ann had volunteered months ago to help me go through everything and organize my room. I hope she realized what she was getting herself into!

We spent yesterday pulling everything out of the room (and I have a big garage sale pile now). Today we worked on starting to put things back into the room and organizing what I have. I expect I'll still need to go through things and keep weeding out. In an ideal world I'd like to get closer to what my friend Kate has in her scrap room - just her favorites at hand. Anyway, I took a few photos today to share. I'd say we're more than 1/2 done now:
Love my Ikea Expedit shelving
Don't get too excited, 1/2 of those are empty awaiting the pile of layouts on my desk!

Making progress!

Well, onto next week when we'll finish up! Ann swears she's coming back :) Then I'll have no excuse to go downstairs and use my scraproom/office the way I had intended it but never really got much use out of. I've even scheduled a crop with friends at my house in September too.


  1. I wrote out this whole supportive comment....and then left the page before it posted. Just pretend I said something really helpful and motivating! lol!

  2. Ann is a good friend :) that looks fantastic!

  3. I haven't scrapped in ages. I'm not ready to get rid of everything, as I feel like I'll maybe scrapbook again (I think!). It would make me sad to think about not scrapbooking again, but I also think I'll never get back to doing it like I once did.

    Good luck with your organizing!

  4. It's funny about scrapbooking isn't it. I'm headed for vaca today and am bringing two ScrapScription kits, a couple of tools, adhesive and a bag of bling and one clear and one black stickles. Wonder if I'll actually do them.

    Do you think LM was the glue that kept us all scrapping? We're all still friends. It's something I often think about.

    Your room looks great. I have Expedits all over my house! I hope you find your muse and good luck with the finishing up!

    Love you!

  5. Love it Jackie! I'm now getting back into also. I've been cleaning out and would like to definitely weed down - too much stuff - too much stuff to try to figure out what to use!

    I just spent a few hours at a friend's house last night - made part of a card and 1 LO. But, I was with friends and enjoyed the evening.

    Good luck and I look forward to the progress!

  6. I've done some layouts and cards since LM closed, but it just isn't the same. Missing the sketches and seeing what everyone creates, but so glad you are getting back into it! Looking forward to seeing your work!

  7. Glad to see that you still want to scrap. And what a great friend Ann is; you two made great progress in organizing.