Friday, August 27, 2010


I love a good deal (well, really, who doesn't?)!

Remember those black pants I tried on last week at The Limited? Well I went searching on Ebay this week for either those or one of the pairs from Loft that I liked, hoping to find someone selling a pair they no longer need for cheaper than the $60-90 the stores wanted. Knowing that I won't be wearing a size for too long has me very frugal about buying new clothes. However the cooler weather this week had me worried that I have no pants or jeans that fit me. Anyway, I did find a pair on ebay but the bidding got up to $28 and I stopped. 

Well yesterday I was driving through Northville and thought I'd stop at Consignment Clothiers. This is the nicest consignment store I've been to and they win 'Best of Detroit' awards, so I thought it's worth a look. What a sign of the economy - not only me shopping at a consignment store, but the 20 or so other women who were in there yesterday - the place was packed! They were doing 20% off if you paid cash too. A lot of brand names and everything seems to be in great condition. I tried on a bunch of things, but the most exciting - I found THE pair of black pants from The Limited that I was looking for - for $14 (and then minus 20%!). Also got a pair of jeans for $7 and an Ann Taylor black top for $7. How great is that? :)

I think I'm going to go through some of the clothes I have piled to get rid of and take the nicer stuff in to them. And I'll definitely be back there to shop when it's time for another size!


  1. What great deals! And I'll bet you could sell the clothes back when you're done with them.

  2. That is a good deal! I've shopped at consignment stores all my life so it's not just the economy right now! I've found some great designer duds I could not normally afford or was willing to pay the price for! You sound like how I was this spring. I did not have a single pair of shorts to wear as all my bigger sizes were given away or donated. Exactly how many shorts does one need? Turns out, not that many! I bought four basic colored pairs and have rotated them all summer long.