Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trying new things

I always wanted to do fun activities, things other people took for granted being able to do and perhaps simply chose not to be adventurous, and now I can! Thad and I have been talking for awhile about wanting to go kayaking. We went a couple weeks ago at Kensington for an hour on a shared kayak - next time we'll each get our own - it was so fun!

Today I did something I've been seeing featured in fitness magazines for the past year and really wanted to try someday - stand up paddle boarding! Last Friday when we were at the beach we saw people with rented boards. Debbie and I made plans to do it today - and we did! It turned out to be a gorgeous day at the beach too - clear calm water for most of the day. We each rented a board and paddle for 4 hours and hit the beach. It was a lot harder to get the hang of staying up balanced on the board, but once I did I was able to paddle down the shore and back without falling off. Turning is fairly difficult and in one direction I kept having a hard time keeping from heading into shore. Once the water got a little choppier it also made it harder to stay up as long. The kids tried it out too - we put two on each board and guided them around for awhile. They had so much fun with it. I feel so empowered that I did this today, even though my arms are tired and I'm maybe a little sunburned, I feel amazing!

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  1. So that's what they call that. We saw people doing that at the beach when we went. They made it look so simple, but I'm sure it would take me a while to stay balanced. :)