Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo Shoot!

Last week was probably our last with really beautiful weather, and so I jumped on the opportunity to ask my friend Miranda to take photos of Thad and me for our Christmas card. 100 photos later and I found one I loved for our card - and ordered them today! I won't share that one with you, but here's a few others from our afternoon photo shoot at Mill Race Village in Northville. It's a great location!

Miranda with her son, Carter
Thad with Miranda's son, Connor


  1. What wonderful photos!!! You guys look great!

  2. Look at you two! Great pictures!

  3. oh I like the first two the best, you must have had an AMAZING photographer!! ;) lol

    what I want to see are the ones where I was standing in a foot high pile of leaves, precariously balanced on the edge and holding onto a tree with one hand while I took pictures with the other. ;) Will I see one of those on your card???

  4. quite possibly :) you can see all of them on Saturday if you'd like!