Sunday, November 14, 2010

Craft Show Weekend

Saturday was our long awaited craft show day! My friend Vern and I have been working together to make designer folded paper ornaments this Fall. We opened an Etsy shop last month ( and this was our first craft show. We did decide to lower the price on the ornaments from what we had originally set, and offered a discount that encouraged customers to buy 3.

The show was at St. Edith's in Livonia. Friday evening was set up - we were happy my tree comes pre-lit and in 4 pieces - we were all set up in about 30 minutes!

While the show did not end up having the traffic that they had expected or had had in past years, we covered our expenses and made a bit of money each, so it was a successful day. Everyone commented on how beautiful our ornaments were and how much detail went into them. 

We also enjoyed walking around and seeing others' creations. Most notable for me were a woman who did some beautiful stained glass, a jewelry booth with unique designs (Vern got a turquoise bracelet after going back by their table about 5 times!), and a table run by a nun from Sisters of Mercy that featured her original artwork (watercolor) notecards as well as printed notecards featuring her artwork. I stocked up on a bunch of those and was thrilled to leave with 4 original artwork cards (at a ridiculous low price of 2 and 3 dollars each) - she's very talented.  My parents and my aunt came by as well as a few friends, so all in all, a really nice day!

I'm going to look into doing another craft show in December if there's still space available, in South Lyon.

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