Thursday, October 28, 2010

And . . . October is almost over!

In the past several weeks Thad and I went on a roadtrip (10 states!), saw friends and family, and then hosted my brother and family at our house last week. Now the laundry is all done, the house cleaned again, and I'm back to my Jazzercise and cooking routines - life is back to normal! I'll post some photos and anecdotes soon, but just wanted to jump back in with a quick blog post and a promise to keep at it :)

Sunday is Halloween and I've yet to buy treats to hand out. I've been debating on what to get. I REALLY do not want to hand out candy. Kids will get so much of it and no one needs that much candy. I also kind of feel like our new healthy lifestyle needs to spill over into what we pass out - but at the same time I don't want to be 'that' house either. Any suggestions for healthy or non-candy things to pass out on Halloween (and where to buy them!?) that kids will like? One year we did glow stick necklaces that were a big hit (plus a piece of candy though). I know, I's one night a year, right? It's Halloween. It's what's expected. And so, the debate continues. Any thoughts?


  1. one of our most successful treats has been those mini bags of microwave popcorn!! before they were everywhere and super popular we would have to go to Target and buy them and they only had them at Halloween. now you can get them year-round! they are healthier than most other things and the kids LOVE them!!

  2. Popcorn would probably be healthier than the candy, but I do worry about all the chemical/fake stuff they put in the microwave popcorn too.

    So, I caved and bought M&Ms today for Halloween. I looked at Whole Foods and the candy they had was organic gummy bear type things - tiny little bags and at $7 for 30 and with all the kids in our neighborhood, too pricey. Meijer had M&Ms on sale for $2/bag of 18 pkgs and I think I got 6 bags. At least I bought something that I won't be tempted to eat!